118th IFA Shield

IFA Shield is considered to be one of the oldest tournament in the world. Mohun Bagan in the year 1911 became the first Indian club to lift this Prestigious Shield. Every year one or more foreign teams participate in this tournament on invitation.
Three International teams, Geyland International (Singapore),  Bushan Sunmoon UFC (South Korea), SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC will participate in this year’s IFA Shield.

The tournament will kick start at Barasat Stadium. Four matches from the first two days’ fixture will be held there. All the other group matches along with the semi final and the final will take place at Yubabharati Krirangan (Saltlake Stadium).

Group A: East Bengal FC, United SC, Gailand International (Singapore), Sunmoon UFC (South Korea).

Group B: Mohun Bagan AC, Mohammedan SC, United SC, SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC (Bangladesh).


29/01/2014 East Bengal FC 1-1 Bushan Sunmoon UFC (South Korea)
29/01/2014 United SC 2-1 Gainland International (Singapore)
30/01/2014 Mohun Bagan AC 0-1 SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC (Bangladesh)
30/01/2014 Mohammedan SC 1-1 United Sikkim
01/02/2014 East Bengal FC 2-0 Gailand International
01/02/2014 United SC 2-1 Bushan Sunmoon UFC
02/02/2014 Mohun Bagan AC 1-0 United Sikkim
02/02/2014 Mohammedan SC 2-1 SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC
04/02/2014 East Bengal FC 2-0 United SC
04/02/2014 Gainland International 0-0 Bushan Sunmoon UFC
05/02/2014 Mohun Bagan AC 0-0 Mohammedan SC
05/02/2014 United Sikkim 1-3 SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC

Semi Final

11/02/2014 East Bengal FC 0-3 SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC
11/02/2014 Mohammedan SC 1-0 United SC

Third Place

13/02/2014 East Bengal FC  1(4)-1(5) United SC


15/02/2014 SK Jamal Dhanmundi FC  1(3)-1(4) Mohammedan SC