Bhaskar Ganguly Resigns From East Bengal Advisory Committee

Former Indian football team captain Bhaskar Ganguly has given his resignation from East Bengal Advisory Committee today. Earlier, the Supreme Court appointed the former Chief Election Commissioner of India, S.Y. Qureshi and Former Indian football captain Bhaskar Ganguly as the Committee of Administrators of the All India Football Association (AIFF).  The duo has been given the task to make a draft of the constitution of the Federation ensuring that the constitution will be in accordance to that of the National guidelines. As for the reports are being concerned, the duo would also be preparing the guidelines for the conduct of the business along with the formation of the Election Commission and how it will conduct the election and must also ensure that the status of Petitioner Federation must never be undermined in any way in the International body.

Bhaskar has got the official letter from the Federation regarding this matter. So from now onwards, he will be busy in this important matter, that’s why the former Indian national team goal-keeper decided to resign from his post.