Birth of a Club, which later became nation’s Independence Day

The Independence Day of Mother India, 15th August is also the day of establishment of the oldest club of the country Mohun Bagan, which was founded way before the country got its Independence, the club was established on 15th August 1889.

Though the Mohun Bagan day is celebrated on 29th July every year, but yesterday was the day on which the Kolkata giants was founded. However the club celebrates 29th July with extreme grandeur and sense of pride as both of the days cannot be celebrated together although the ecstatic fans do not seem to back out on both occasions.

The club got it’s recognition from the Government after applying for its PAN Card, which gave recognition and official declaration of our National Club after so many years.

Due to the acknowledgement of this PAN card, the importance of this auspicious day came to light.