GrassRoot program in 5 districts of Odisha

The Football Association of Odisha (FAO) in association with All India Football Federation (AIFF) will start a comprehensive Grassroots Football Development programme in five districts in the near future.

In a meeting held at the at Barabati Guest house, a plan for Grassroots’ Football Development in the state of Odhisha with the AIFF was charted out.

Mr. Suvrat Thatte Manager, Grassroots Development Programme, AIFF gave a presentation regarding the development of Football at Grassroots Level in the country.

He also stated that by implementing the AIFF Grassroots Programme the state will benefit in developing Football in future.

Mr. Asirbad Behera (Hon’y Secretary- O.O.A & O.C.A) opined that this programme will be implemented in our state as soon as possible.

Mr. Sanjay Behera (Hon’y Secretarty-FAO) declared that in initial stage this programme will be implemented in five districts of the state.

Mr. Bijoy Das (Vice President- FAO), Mr.Tadit Kumar Rout(Vice President- FAO),Mr Dillip Kumar Sahoo(Vice President- FAO) & Mr.Rabi Panda (Vice President- FAO) were also present.

– An AIFF Report