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One of the oldest and fiercest of derbies across the world, the Kolkata Derby, is set to happen tomorrow for the first time this season, when Mohun Bagan take on East Bengal in the home fixture of the latter, and light up the Kanchenjunga Stadium in Siliguri.Mohunbagan, second placed in the league, are presently 3 points behind their rivals with a match in hand.It is going to be a well poised match as both teams would gain a huge advantage if they win, in terms of winning the league.Sony Norde, the superstar of the club, showed some glimpses of good form last day against Colombo FC, but is yet to make an impact in the Derby, ever since he joined the club.On the other hands, William Plaza, this season’s best foreign player of East Bengal, has been in an excellent form in recent triumphs of the of club.On the other side, a loyal servant of the Mariners, Katsumi Yusa, continues to enjoy a consistent form, as he played his 125th match for his club, this Wednesday against Colombo FC.

The East Bengal officials seemed not to know the actual team name of their rivals, which is somewhat amusing, aa they printed “McDowell’s Mohun Bagan” in the match tickets for tomorrow.

This time, it can be a different affair altogether with the top two teams of the league preparing under the watchful eyes of two veteran but equally affable coaches. There are a few things common between Trevor James Morgan and Sanjoy Sen – they love to stick to the same formation for the whole season, the players have blind faith in their coaches’ game-reading ability and they are never shy to go for the kill.

So to say the least, the fans all over India await a enthralling match.