Strict Security Measures To Be Taken In Salt Lake Stadium

 On the occasion of FIFA U17 World Cup, the Yuba Bharati Stadium or the Salt Lake Stadium has been literally made a fortress for the security events in the upcoming footballing extravaganza. A four stage security protocol has been made effective in the largest stadium of India. October 5th saw the National Defence Reserve Force (NDRF) visiting the Salt lake Stadium and conducted necessary mock drills as to what would happen if any such disaster happens in the near future.

It has been made clear by the NDRF that they would clear the stadium in 10 minutes. No one would also be allowed near the stadium without proper identification. The increased security restricts anyone from entering the ground with remote car keys. Only cell phones will be allowed inside the ground.

The ground is scheduled to have four tiers. The first tier will comprise of  around 32000 people while the second tier will be occupied by around 25,000 people. The third tier is to be occupied by 8000 people and the fourth tier will be reserved for the National Security Guard (NSG).