3rd September Marks The Birthdays of 2 Legends Loved Madly By People Of Kolkata And Especially The Mariners

3rd September is a special day in the hearts of true-sensed Kolkata people and more so for the supporters of Mohun Bagan as this day marks the birthday of Mohun Bagan heartthrob Jose Ramirez Barreto and an evergreen icon, who defines the Bengali film industry still today, even after more than 25 years after his demise and also a lifelong Green and Maroon supporter, Uttam Kumar.

Both of these stalwarts, Barreto and Uttam Kumar, are madly worshipped by the people still today, for their iconic contribution to Kolkata Football and films respectively.The Mariners have a notch more devotion towards Uttam Kumar as well due to the fact that he supported the club throughout his whole life, and that euphoria still plays in hearts of fans, who see Barreto, who played for Mohun Bagan and made the club proud by helping them win several trophies throughout his football career, as their God.